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Funeral services are personal and a special time for family and friends to comfort one another, begin to find healing and celebrate the legacy of your loved one. Life and Legacy treats each of our families as though they are our own. Whether you choose burial or cremation, we hold your hand through the whole process, which at times can be very overwhelming during a time of loss. We provide a wide range of services including everything from classic traditional services to the completely over the top and unique services other funeral homes may not attempt to service. Life and Legacy is proud that we are capable of serving all cultural, ethnic and religious audiences. Many cultures and religions have special funeral traditions and we always do our utmost best to accommodate each requests. 

This moment is for you and your family and we are honored to help you in any way that we can.  Remember, "A Life Well Lived is a Legacy Remembered"

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Just like a funeral service, a memorial service is a time to remember your loved one. This can be held shortly after death or weeks later, with or without an urn present. What’s important is that it creates a time and a place for family and friends to gather together and support one another, share memories and pay their respects. We can hold a memorial service at our funeral home, the final resting place or at your home. 

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A casket burial is a traditional service and there are many options you can choose from. We can provide an immediate burial without a public service; a visitation, viewing or wake with a closed or open casket; a funeral service at our funeral home, church or private home and a graveside service at a cemetery. You can choose whether you’d like a public or private service or a combination. It is entirely up to you how you wish to pay your respects. 

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Cremation has become a popular option for many people because it can be more flexible as to where and when you hold a service. You can have a traditional funeral service before a cremation or a memorial service at any time with or without the urn present. You can keep the urn, scatter the ashes or have the urn buried in a grave or columbarium where we can hold a service. Whether you choose burial or cremation, we’re here to offer you a meaningful ceremony.

Considering Your Options

When planning a service, you have many options available to you and we will do all that we can to provide a beautiful and respectful ceremony. No matter your choice, we can offer you a space to join with family and friends in grief, comfort and love. And above all, we will do our utmost to honor your loved one. We will be happy to go over all your options and answer any questions that you may have. 

Traditional Burials and Celebrations of Life

No one ever wants to say "Goodbye" to a loved one. However, at some point we will all face this experience. A celebration of life is designed to bring a healthy and loving memory to your loved one gone too soon. Due to many personal beliefs and traditions, traditional burials are still very much desired and carried out by our firm almost on a daily basis. Life and Legacy will help you to design a traditional service which includes walking you through choosing the appropriate casket, vault, music, video presentations and even clergy if needed. We work hand in hand with your chosen cemetery to ensure every detail is followed to your specific request. 

Cremation Services

Life and Legacy offers a full range of cremation services that are tailored to fit your families needs and wishes. Be it a direct cremation or a full celebration of life with cremation to follow, we can handle any and all of your needs. In today's society cremation is on the rise and so are the costs of doing such a service. Call us today to talk about the many options we have that can keep your costs down, but the celebration of your loved one first class. 


Life and Legacy is the areas most qualified and experienced shipping funeral home in North Carolina. We handle both domestic and international shipping needs. International shipping can be a huge headache for a family who is already in the middle of distress. Here at Life and Legacy we take care of everything from dealing with the airlines, consulates and embassies to ensure all permits and required overseas documentation needed for your loved ones final journey is in proper order and we do it at the least expense we can for the family. We currently handle the majority of all shipping to the Latin countries and have direct contact with the respective consulates to help expedite paper work and permits, ensuring your loved one is shipped as quickly as possible. 

If your loved one needs to be shipped back to their home state or simply shipped back here to the Carolina's, let Life and Legacy help you to make that happen. We handle everything to make your loved one's last journey as smooth and seamless as possible. We ensure your loved one's flight and delivery to and from the airport to be respectful and timely. We treat your loved one as though they were our very own family. 

Pet Cremation

Pet lovers are sure of one thing, their pets are their babies and when something tragic happens to them sometimes it can feel as though it hurts deeper than losing a human loved one. The bond between a human and their fur baby is real and we here at Life and Legacy know this to be true. We too have fur babies here at the funeral home that greet those who come through the front door. We have also had to tearfully say "goodbye" to some of them. This is why when you are faced with losing your baby, Life and Legacy is here to offer personalized cremation services that celebrate the life of that pet. Each pet is cremated individually so that you are not having remains returned to you that were part of a communal cremation. Your pet is returned to you and is never out of our direct care. 

Monuments and Memorials

After the funeral services are done and everyone has gone back home, that is the time that missing a loved one finally settles in. A grave or cremation niche has a certain comfort that allows you to be near your loved one. Nothing endears the life of your loved more than a proper monument or memorial celebrating the life of the one who left us way to early. Life and Legacy can help you design a marker that makes a statement about your loved one and the life they lived. We do it at the lowest cost to the families while making sure that every detail is covered. We deal in granite as well as bronze.

Remember that, "A Life Well Lived is a Legacy Remembered"

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